Varun Goel " This teenage entrepreneur is a motivation for all startup enthusiasts

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With fewer resources and consistent pressure both from parents and teachers, one cannot imagine much good to happen for a teenage boy. But Varun Goel, young entrepreneur and emerging youth leader, fought against all odds to redefine the way of learning with his innate decision making and leadership skills. Jeffrey Fry's quote - "Diamonds are only lumps of coal that stuck at it no matter how much heat or pressure they faced", aptly defines him as a person.

Varun believes he was destined to be an entrepreneur. Having never recalled any other goal in his life, he just knew that he wanted to be the overachiever that worked as hard as he potentially could to create his own success. Even during his struggles in school, Varun has always had the same goal in mind, and nothing has been able to sway him from it.

Given the fact that Varun had the pressure to perform exceptionally well in the classroom, he did not budge. Instead, he had his sights set on one thing: Internet. Like any other successful entrepreneur, Varun turned the pressure put onto him as a motivation to work that much harder.

As a matter of fact, his gut instinct to put all his attention into learning using internet and working consistently hard on his venture has paid off. At just 19-years old, he made his first million rupees and grew his brand, Todayq tremendously.

Being aware of various excuses people put forth for not being able to learn and achieve, Varun is a perfect example of how to get the best out of your scarce resources and reap the biggest dividends. The Founder and CEO of Todayq, Varun Goel exemplified that neither lack of money nor a young age can stop a person to be whom he envisions to be.

Starting his company in July 2017 at a very young age of 16 while he was on a complete bed-rest due to a major accident, Varun gave all of his attention towards enhancing his skill set by consistent learning & also kick-start his venture to prove that success is achievable irrespective of how many problems you have in your life.

Belonging to a middle-class family, Varun used to spend most of his spare time on his computer. From surfing the web and looking for new stuff to learning ethical hacking. blockchain and starting the venture, his journey has been full of ups & downs.

Varun was a brilliant student but at the age of 16, he realized that formal education was not his thing. Parting his ways from the rest of his classmates, he went on to focus on his own set of rules to chase his dreams. Moving to 11th in a new school was the beginning of a life-changing experience for Varun when a road accident forced him indoors for a 6-month-long bed rest. While he could have waited for his recovery, Varun choose to utilize the time looking for something new to learn. He did not rely completely on the internet but also read a lot of books. Around the same time, Varun founded Todayq.

Pertinently, the website was originally started as a 'Motivational Quotes' website with meagre Rs. 300 by Varun but it was later transformed into one of the better finance sector companies that helps traders trade & invest in the right currencies by providing them with transparent & trustworthy services which is making Todayq stand out from the rest, Varun says.

Giving a peek into his thinking, Varun says, "There are 2 rules in my life which I believe are important to make this world a great place to live again. First, we are human and secondly, we live on an economic planet."

"We should always remember that it's humanity, empathy and compassion that makes our lives better and we shouldn't give them up at any cost. Also, money is the thing that keeps the wheel of economy moving. To simplify, it has become the main source of survival on this planet," Varun explains his ideology.

Being very fond of sharing his knowledge & believing in growing together, Varun inspires many young people, sharing his useful knowledge over his Instagram handle @imvarungoel to help people make themselves better in life by replicating his success.

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