Vande Bharat Express: Delhi-Katra trials complete; soon travel on new Train 18 in just 8 hours!

Devanjana Nag

Vande Bharat Express Delhi to Katra: Indian Railways’ Northern Railway zone has successfully conducted the Confirmatory Oscillograph Car Runs (COCR) trial of the new Vande Bharat Express (Train 18) on the Delhi-Katra route. The trial run was carried out on July 22, that is yesterday, and the Vande Bharat Express will be back in New Delhi today, a Northern Railway official told Financial Express Online.

As per the schedule, the Train 18 started its journey from New Delhi railway station at 6:00 AM. On its way to Katra, the train was scheduled for two-minute halts at Ambala Cantonment station at 8:10 AM, Ludhiana station at 9:19 AM and Jammu Tawi station at 12.38 PM, before reaching Katra railway station at 2:00 PM, the same day. However, according to a TOI report, while the train reached Ambala and Ludhiana ahead of time, it arrived in Katra at 2:03 PM, that is three minutes behind schedule.

Vande Bharat Express Delhi to Katra schedule:

The second Train 18 is likely to run three days a week – Monday, Thursday and Saturday on the Delhi-Katra route. However, depending on the traffic demand, this could be extended up to five days. Earlier this month it was reported that the train will depart from Delhi at 6:00 AM and reach Katra at 2:00 PM. On its return journey, it will depart from Katra the same day at 3:00 PM and reach Delhi at 11:00 PM. The train will run at a maximum speed of 130 kmph, and will have halts for around two-minutes each at Ludhiana, Ambala, and Jammu Tawi railway stations, before arriving at Katra. The Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat Express is expected to reduce train travel time to just 8 hours between the two cities, as against the current 12 hours.

Unlike the first Train 18, which was criticized for lack of sufficient pantry space, the new Vande Bharat Express has been provided with more pantry space. The train has also been equipped with a sturdy aluminium-clad nose cover in an attempt to avoid damage due to cattle run-over. Additionally, a special anti-spall film on windows has been provided as well to prevent damages caused by stone-pelting. The ‘Make in India’ train is expected to begin operations soon.