Validity of Expiring Driving Licences & Other Motor Vehicle Documents Extended Till March 31, 2021

Team Latestly
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New Delhi, December 27: The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on Sunday issued an advisory to various states asking them to extend the validity of driving license, RC, permits and other vehicle related documents till March 31, 2021 owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. The advisory is issued in context of documents whose validity has experienced since February 2020 or would do so by March 31 of the coming year. Centre Extends Validity of All Vehicle Documents Expiring on February 1 Till June 30, 2020 Amid Coronavirus Lockdown in India.

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In an advisory to states, the ministry said such "documents may be treated to be valid till 31st March 2021". This will help citizens in availing of transport-related services while maintaining social distancing, the ministry said. The ministry took the decision owing to the spread of novel coronavirus and the outbreak of the pandemic. It aims to ensure that people are able to avail transport ministry services and follow the safety measures against COVID-19 as well. Validity of Expiring Driving Licences And Other Motor Vehicle Documents Extended Till December 31.

This marks the forth such extension by the ministry. Earlier it had advised that the validity of vehicle fitness, permit (all types), license, registration or any other concerned document(s) may be treated to be valid till December 31, 2020. Initially the last date was deferred to March 30 2020, followed by June 9 and September 30.

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