Valentine's Day: Romantic ideas to celebrate during the pandemic

Meera Venugopal
·2-min read


13 Feb 2021: Valentine's Day: Romantic ideas to celebrate during the pandemic

That time of the year is back again, but thanks to the pandemic, there is not much scope for love in the air.

With restrictions still in place, it can be a task to make the usual outdoor plans, this year.

But here are a few simple ideas to make this Valentine's 'pandemic special' Day a romantic indoor experience for both of you.

Cook: Ditch dine-in, cook together for your dinner date or order

This Valentine's Day, ditch the traditional outside dinner date and cook with your lover.

Discuss the menu beforehand and keep stock of groceries to avoid any last-minute runs to the stores.

If you are not in the mood for cooking, order from your favorite fancy restaurant.

For long-distance lovers, surprise your sweetheart by ordering their favorite food and indulging in a virtual date.

First date: Re-create your first date, by staying at home

Relive your first date with your partner, but with the added constraint of being at home.

Try to mimic the same setting with props et al.

You can also go all out and wear the same clothes (if those fit you) and rehearse your lines (at least what you remember).

Brownie points if you compliment them the same way and get those butterflies fluttering.

Theme: Bring the city you both desired to visit straight home

Can't visit your favorite city for the holiday? Worry not, because you can theme up your home to feel the same.

Choose the country where you have been to or planned on visiting together.

Prepare a dish from their cuisine or order takeaway.

Decorate your home with decors in theme with the place.

Dress up accordingly and cozy up in La La Land!

Spa: Spa at home, light scented candles and simply relax

If you have had a long week and just want to chill, do just that, by relaxing with a home-spa.

Get on the face mask, and try out a new skincare set (a few scented candles to set the mood won't hurt).

You can also indulge in bubble baths and oil massages. Who doesn't like to get pampered - Valentine's Day or not?