Vaccine Visa hurdle continues: Covishield not included in the European Union's approved list

India's Covishield vaccine is not included in the list of approved vaccines in the European Union. This comes after the World Health Organization has approved citizens who have received jabs of Covishield in India to travel to other countries for travel or work purposes, but the European Union has denied welcoming those who received a Covishield jab. While the Covishield is not approved in the European Union, Bharat Biotech's Covaxin has not received approval from WHO to be included in the list of EUL. There is no Green Pass for Covishield, even though AstraZeneca's vaccine is used in other parts of the world including the European Union. Times Now's Sherill report that no application was sent by Covishield to the European Medical Association. The EMA has approved only 4 vaccines as of now.

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