Vaccination phase 3: 1.7 Crore people registered in 8 hours on Co-WIN app for vaccine jabs

The third phase of vaccination, which aims to vaccinate people above 18 to 44 years old people is about to begin from May 1. The process for vaccination is also the same for this age group. Yesterday at 4 pm, Co-WIN allowed people to register on the platform. In eight hours of beginning the platform registered around 1.7 crore people to give jabs, Dr. RS Sharma, CEO, NHA, and Chief, Co-WIN, told Times Now. He said the response has been overwhelmed, the platform registered 55,000 concurrent users per second, and 3 crore OTPs have been sent through the platform. He claimed that there was no server crash on the site, instead, the site was functioning well with the high traffic. On asking the difference between registration and getting an appointment, Sharma said that in this phase states and hospitals are procuring vaccines on their own from manufacturers and they will get it on different dates as India is a vast country.