Vaccination in High Caseload Areas: Mumbai on Course to Achieve Target, Delhi May Fall Behind

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Amid India's high Covid case load in the second wave, the Centre on March 30 urged the states witnessing big spike to vaccinate within two weeks everyone above 45 years of age in the high caseload districts. With many districts finding new disease clusters, the union government decided to push for swift pace of vaccinations to control the rapid transmission of coronavirus. The Centre said that every district should come forward with a time-bound action plan.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan’s warned that “any complacency at this stage, at any level, will have heavy costs.”

Eight days have passed since the third phase of vaccination began on April 1 that was made open to all above 45 years of age.

Let's see how vaccination has progressed in the high caseload districts of Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur, Nashik, Ahmednagar and Aurangabad in Maharashtra and Bengaluru Urban in Karnataka and Delhi.

When we compare the current active caseload data and vaccination rates of the targetted population in these cities, we can see some cities can meet the target set. The table below calculates the vaccination scale of the targetted population.

The population above 45 years of age in these districts, the target of this vaccination phase, has been confirmed by the local sources while the latest vaccination data of the high caseload districts have been taken in this articlehave been taken from website, The website shows vaccination data till April 7. Delhi’s data has been taken from the Health Ministry updates which is updated till April 9, 7 AM.

For comparison, overall vaccination data, from the beginning of the vaccine drive for January 16 has been taken in, that also includes vaccination data of the healthcare and front-line workers. So, in effect, the vaccination data taken here may include some below 25 years healthcare and front-line workers as well, but small in the numbers, the overall juxtaposition of the target groups here is not expected to alter the final tally.

As per the table here, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Aurangabad in Maharashtra and Bengaluru Urban in Karnataka are well on the way to achieve the target of vaccinating the above 45 population by April 14 or two weeks as urged by the Central Government but looks difficult for Thane, Nashik and Ahmednagar, the districts that had not yet crossed the 30% data on April 7.

And for Delhi, it seems India’s national capital will not be able to vaccinate the entire targetted population within two weeks. The National Capital Territory administration by this morning could vaccinate just 29% of its population and it has, theoretically now a day less to meet the target set than other high caseload districts.

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