Vaccination centres in Bengaluru run out of vaccine stock

Bengaluru, May 16 (ANI): Locals in Bengaluru gathered near Health Care Centres and vaccination centres to get the jab but they are facing difficulties in getting 2nd dose of Covaxin. There are no vaccines available in many of the vaccination centres and only Covishield has been given to the registered beneficiaries for second dose. “I’ve come to get my mother's 2nd dose of Covaxin today, even I had come yesterday, they told me Covaxin is not available and today they're telling it came later on yesterday and got over,” a local said. “As you see on the board Covaxin is out of stock. The website does show some 150 vaccines but the appointment doesn’t get through, probably service is overloaded, we are not sure but at least make it transparent to everyone,” Supradip, local said.