Vaccinating people above 45 is priority as fatality rate among them is much higher: Expert

New Delhi: Amid clamour for vaccinating everyone in the country gaining momentum, a top expert involved in the Covid-19 taskforce in India says it’s the right decision to vaccinate those over 45 first as they need the vaccine much more than those younger. Dr NK Arora, Head- Operations Research Group of National COVID-19 Task Force, in an interview with Times Now, said the government is vaccinating people above 45 because they are the ones who need the vaccines at the earliest as the fatality rate among them is much higher than those below 45 and have contracted the Corona virus. He also said that “Vaccines don’t stop the spread of virus but it prevents people from dying.” According to Dr Arora, three more vaccines are set to arrive in India in a matter of 3-4 weeks which will make the process easier and more efficient. Watch this exclusive interview of Dr Arora with Times Now’s Prashant Kumar.