Vacation Horror: Family Spends Big on Luxury Hotel in Egypt Only to Find it Wasn't Yet Built

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A family was shocked to find the luxury hotel they had booked for £3,465 (Rs 3.2 lakh) in Egypt, was actually just a pile of rubble.

33-year-old Mark Mould from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in the UK had booked the trip through a travel company named ‘Love Holidays’. Mould, who works as an industrial electrician, had reserved Crystal Beach Aqua Park and Hotel for a two-week long break with family and friends. However, when the group of five reached their destination, they were devastated to find that it was a big hoax and the all-inclusive luxury hotel in which they were meant to stay in was still being built.

Thereafter, they were taken to an alternative hotel and once again, the group was left disappointed to find that even this hotel was run-down was in the process of being demolished. Mould and his family had to spend two days in that hotel, which was supposed to shut down soon.

After complaining once again to the travel company, they were shifted to a new hotel—and here, the already distraught group had to pay an additional £8,000 as 'holding deposit'.

"It was a roller-coaster of disaster, tears and sickness! I think we all felt wholeheartedly that we had been sold an expensive dream and been served a crumbling nightmare. It was fraud on a grand scale from a large company, who clearly has no morals,” quoted Mould as saying to the Daily Mail.

Interestingly, the luxury hotel which the family had been promised actually never existed. As per a report by Mirror, an old hotel with the name Al Mas Palace Hotel & Beach Resort was shut down in 2017. There have been plans making rounds to turn Al Mas Palace hotel into Crystal Beach Aqua Park.

The holiday company has, reportedly, apologized for the blunder.