Uttarakhand rolls out heavy fines for noise pollution

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Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], May 29 (ANI): The Uttarakhand government on Friday decided to levy heavy fines on noise pollution.

"Heavy fines will be levied on noise pollution caused at religious places, wedding ceremonies and/or by vehicles," the state government informed.

The decision came about in the state cabinet meeting held in the secretariat on late Friday evening.

State government spokesperson Subodh Uniyal told ANI, "The state has taken decisions under the Central Government's Noise Pollution Regulation Control Act, 2000, If a person violates the specified 'decibel' for the first time, he/she will be fined Rs 1,000, for the second time, the fine levied will be Rs 2,500 and for the third time, the fine levied will be Rs 5,000."

At religious places, if the noise exceeds the specified decibel for the first time, the fine levied will be Rs 5,000, the second time - Rs 10,000 and the third time will be Rs 15,000. Similarly, for hotels/restaurants, if noise pollution case is reported for the first time, the fine will be of Rs 10,000, the second time--Rs 15,000 and the third time will be Rs 20,000.

While carrying out industrial activities, the fine for violating noise pollution rules for the first time is Rs 20,000, for the second time - Rs 30,000 and for the third time will be Rs 40,000.

The government will also confiscate noise-making devices if needed. (ANI)

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