Uttarakhand policeman risks life to save drowning man, netizens salute his bravery

The video once tweeted, created quite some buzz online with many complimenting the officer for the brave act

A Uttarakhand police officer has received praise from netizens after a video showing him risking his life to save a man from drowning in the Ganga went viral. The official Twitter handle of Uttarakhand Police shared a video of the daring incident along with a caption describing it.

A Haryana resident, Vishal, had gone to take a dip at the Kangra Ghat in Haridwar. Suddenly, he lost balance and slipped into the river and in no time started drifting away from the shore due to the strong current.

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As he was being carried away, the Uttarakhand police officer, Sunny, spotted the man and ped into the water to save him. Battling the strong current of the Ganga, the officer finally saved Vishal and brought him to the shore. Watch the video here:

The video created quite a buzz online, with many complimenting the officer for the brave act. "Salute to Uttarakhand Police for this brave effort. A drowning boy Vishal was saved. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this," read one of the many comments praising the officer.