Uttarakhand’s Cop Biru Gwal Breaks the Internet With His Melody

If you thought Indian policemen can only do their jobs and that’s about it, you’re definitely mistaken. This cop from Pithoragarh district named, Virendra Gwal aka Biru Gwal, serves in Uttarakhand police but his hidden talent has got us swaying in tune.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Biru Gwal)

This mash-up has over one million views and close to 2,000 shares. People can’t help but praise him for his melodious voice. Not only that, Biru’s follower list has also seen an upward trend and why not? Everyone wants to be updated when this Uttarakhand cop adds a new song to his video list.

Here’s all the covers he has uploaded so far on Facebook.

Mr Biru, we want more smiling faces like yours out there in our forces. Keep going with that cheerful demeanour and definitely more beautiful covers!