Uttarakhand Assembly Election Results 2017: LIVE Streaming on Aaj Tak and on India Today Live TV

Uttarakhand election results 2017: Team Aaj Tak helps you make sense of today's results and the post-poll scenario.

As the results of the Uttarakhand Assembly Election 2017 reach their conclusion, one thing becomes clear: The Bhartiya Janata Party is all set to paint the state saffron.

Much like the BJP had claimed, Harish Rawat's run as the Uttarakhand chief minister has reached its end. The Congress leader even lost from both his contituencies - Kichchaand and Haridwar.

The BJP is yet to declare its chief ministerial candidate for the state, but Aaj Tak's team of experts will keep you informed about the potential candidates,


Seasoned journalists are assessing the challenges that will face the upcoming Uttarakhand government and are making sure that you get a clearer a picture of what comes next.

Aaj Tak journlists have scoured Uttarakhand through the Assembly Election build-up and have a clear picture of the problems that face the people of Uttarakhand. Now, they analyse what the Assembly Election Result means for Uttarakhand and its struggle with infighting and the power situation.

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