Uttar Pradesh: Slogans on few campuses warn of centres of conspiracy, says CM Yogi Adityanath

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CM Adityanath at the five-day National Youth Festival in Lucknow. (Source: Twitter)

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday criticised the protests on the campuses across the country, saying that slogans raised in “select” higher educational institutions “warn” about the centres of conspiracy. “The people who thrive on the resources of the country are trying to throw India in the cauldron of terrorism, Naxalism and extremism. This is confirmed by their statements... The slogans being raised in certain institutes of higher education in the country continuously trouble us. They warn us about where the centres of conspiracy against the country are located,” he said.

The CM was speaking here at the inauguration of the National Youth Festival, which he referred to as “Yuva Kumbh”.

Recalling Vivekananda’s observation, the CM said, “When a person starts being ashamed of his ancestors, it indicates that his end has come.”

“The country got Independence in 1947 and at that time there were many people who thought the country came into being in 1947 and so those having the mentality of Macaulay exaggerated that we are in the process of becoming a nation. Some others went further and said I am Hindu by accident. Yaani log durghatna se paida ho gaye. Yeh kehne mein bhi kuch logon ko sankoch nahi hua,” he added.

“Those who did not have the knowledge of history they did not acknowledge India as a complete ‘rashtra’ at the time of Independence and because of their ignorance such people are raising anti-India slogans in institutes of higher education,” he added.

Referring to the globally growing respect for India, Adityanath said: “Today the world is looking towards India and PM Modi for mediation between America and Iran and this is the new India,” he said.

Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports, Kiren Rijiju praised CM Adityanath for encouraging sports in the state.

— With PTI inputs