Uttar Pradesh shocker: Woman delivers on road unassisted after being denied ambulance

The woman today delivered her child on the roadside after being denied ambulance by hospitals in the area.

In yet another harrowing case of medical negligence, a woman in Uttar Pradesh's Bahriach today delivered on the roadside after being denied an ambulance.

According to reports, she contacted several hospitals but not one sent their ambulance to help her. Soon after, she collapsed due to severe pain and gave birth to her child unassisted.

A News18 report reads, her husband too went to a hospital begging for help but was sent away.

The ambulance did not turn up till the very end after which her husband was compelled to take her home in a hired tempo.

The case exposes the rhetoric of Yogi Adityanath's government that has long been talking about healthcare system's facelift.

Watch the video here: Uttar Pradesh: Denied ambulance, woman delivers on road