Uttar Pradesh Not in Lockdown-like Situation, Says State Minister Sidharth Nath Singh

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The second wave of Covid-19 is slowly paving its way through the country’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. On being asked about the possibility of lockdown in the state, Minister Sidharth Nath Singh has said a lockdown-like situation is not here yet even though the cases are increasing.

Singh said that people are being made aware of the surging cases and that the occasion of Holi and Panchayat elections saw a large influx of people from the state of Maharashtra, the worst Covid-19 hit state in the country. He said that random testing is being carried at all public places like railway stations, airports and bus stands.

The government has asked people to always wear a face mask and maintain social distancing, while shopkeepers have been directed to follow all the necessary protocols.

Singh said that while the government did not wish to take action against violators, it will be compelled to do so if Covid-19 protocols are not followed. He added that the nation is much more prepared now as compared to the first wave and all medical institutions are alert to the situation.

Uttar Pradesh on Monday witnessed 1368 new infections making the active number of patients in the state reach 8669. As many as 11, 9075 people were tested in the state during the last 24 hours. Lucknow, the state’s capital has the highest number of cases at 449 with two patients dying of the infection recently. The city of Kanpur also reported 58 cases on Monday. A large number of cases have also been found in Mathura with 61 confirmed positive patients. Firozabad too has recorded 11 new positive cases.