After Uttar Pradesh, BJP all set to sweep Delhi with its "Mission 202"

After its landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, BJP is all set to sweep Delhi during the upcoming civil polls. The party has coined a "Mission 202" strategy which is an aim to get minimum 202 seats out of 272 in the civic polls.

After its sweeping victory in Uttar Pradesh, BJP is aiming to sweep Delhi by coining a "Mission 202" strategy for the upcoming civic polls.

Talking to Mail Today , BJP MP and state unit chief Manoj Tiwari said, "The party is all set to roll out a strategy. We are aiming for a minimum 202 seats out of 272 in the civic polls."

"BJP stands a good chance in Delhi and today's verdict will attest our claim," Tiwari said.

Commenting on AAP's dismal performance, Tiwari said that lying to the people of Delhi did not help the case of Aam Aadmi Party and the party should have instead focussed on strengthening its performance in Capital.

"There are so many pipelines that need to be laid and tankers required to fulfil the need of people of Delhi but instead Kejriwal lied. There is no doubt that AAP should have focussed on Delhi instead of eyeing Goa and Punjab," Tiwari added.

"The people of Delhi know how AAP has misused crores of state government fund in placing all its bets in Punjab and Goa. Now how will they bring this money back to Delhi," the BJP MP from North East Delhi asked.

Jumping on the bandwagon, debut contender in the Municipal elections and Yogendra Yadav-led Swaraj India's National spokesperson Anupam also ripped the party of the "wave of change and hope" AAP came riding on and won 67 seats in the Vidhan Sabha elections.

The former AAP member said that winning elections in Punjab for an entrant was a cakewalk. "There was evident hatred for the Badal government and incumbency against Congress and yet AAP lost because they did not do any work on the ground," Anupam told Mail Today.

He also added that AAP does not stand any chance in Delhi because of the anger against the party in the capital.

"Akin to the anger against Akalis in Punjab, there is a lot of anger against AAP. They claim that they do not have sufficient funds to pay corporation workers but they also give five pages of advertisement," he said.

Even Yogendra Yadav had told Mail Today that he witnessed a lot of anger against Arvind Kejriwal during his door-to-door campaigning in Delhi. "People will show Arvind Kejriwal their anger in the MCD elections because they feel cheated and lied to. Arvind Kejriwal has no interest in serving the people of Delhi."

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