'Have Experienced Suffering': This UP Businessman is Refilling Oxygen Cylinders at Just Re 1

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At a time when oxygen cylinders are hard to come by and the few that are available, are being sold for as much as Rs 30,000 in the black market, this information comes as a pleasant surprise. Manoj Gupta, a businessman in Hamirpur district is refilling oxygen cylinders at a cost of only Rs 1 for the treatment of Coronavirus positive patients. Owner of Rimjhim Ispat Factory in Sumerpur Industrial Area in Hamirpur, Gupta has so far refilled over 1,000 oxygen cylinders for Rs 1 only in his bottling plant to save the lives of hundreds of Covid patients.

Gupta was himself struck by the deadly virus last year, after the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.

“I have experienced the suffering because I have gone through a similar experience. My bottling plant has a capacity of refilling 1000 oxygen cylinders per day and I am giving the refilled cylinders at Rs 1 to all,” he said.

Relatives of all Covid patients under home isolation can get oxygen cylinders refilled after submitting their RT-PCR report, certificate from the doctor treating them and Aadhaar card.

People from Jhansi, Banda, Lalitpur, Kanpur, Orai and several other districts, including Lucknow, are now making a beeline at his oxygen bottling plant to get a refill at Rs 1 only for their dear and near ones suffering from the deadly virus.

During such times of crisis, good Samaritans like Gupta have sensed the acute shortage and risen up to occasion to help as much as they could. Just like him, Mumbai's Shahnawaz Sheikh is one such person. The Malad resident, known as the 'Oxygen Man' in his locality, has been working tirelessly to help make the supply of oxygen available to patients through just a phone call. Working with a team, Shahnawaz has also set up a 'control room' to streamline the efforts

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