‘Uthak Baithak’ Called Super Brain Yoga In A Haryana Local School

Remember the times when kaan pakad ke uthak baithak karo was a form of punishment for bad behaviour? Apparently it’s a form of “super brain yoga” or so would the Haryana School Education Board would like us to believe.

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan School in Haryana is introducing “super brain yoga” for kids in their morning assemblies. On Wednesday, 4 July, Haryana School Education Board kick started their pilot program in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push for yoga in schools. The program is designed to boost students’ memory and concentration.

Not surprisingly the story opened gates to memelords and set Twitter ablaze.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar who is the Haryana Education Board Secretary has claimed in an interview with Mirror Now that the board plans to conduct a ‘comparative study’ of student’s past performances so as to record any improvements that the program would aid.

If this program bears success, the state board plans to initiate this program in schools across Haryana. ANI tweeted Mr. Kumar claims that "Students will do sit-ups with hands on their ears during the morning assembly. This will sharpen their brain and help boost student’s memory”

According to an Indian Express report , Dr. Joie P. Jones who works at the University of California has conducted a research to prove the viability of “super brain yoga” in activating acupuncture points on the earlobe which in turn increases concentration.

Some Twitter users are demonstrating indignation at the government’s reliance on techniques like these instead of focusing on investing in children’s education. Other users seem to support the science behind this technique.

While Twitter lies conflicted on the usefulness of this project, a consensus seems to have been reached by government officials and teachers joining in with these students.

Twitterverse is also asking ministers to demonstrate “super brain yoga” on live television while also raising some valuable questions about the state of India’s education system.

We’re just glad that some of us attended school before “super brain yoga” became a thing.

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