USAID COVID-19 coordinator, Indian Ambassador to US look after relief shipments

On May 01, the United States deployed the COVID-19 relief shipments to India. The higher authorities of US oversaw the send-off of 3rd plane carrying critical life-saving supplies to the people of India. USAID COVID-19 coordinator Jeremy Konyndyk, authorities of White House National Security Council and Indian Ambassador to US, TS Sandhu looked after the shipments. Indian Ambassador to US, TS Sandhu said, "With the help of our friend and partner US, we are extremely grateful for all the help that has been extended. Today is the third flight which is going, two have already gone and many more will be going. The administration starting from right on top, President Biden reached out and quoted that 'United States will stand shoulder to shoulder with India' and we appreciate that. I'm sure with friends and partners like the United States we will face this challenge and with God's Grace; we will come out if it."