#USAElections2020: Trump or Biden, who's winning key battleground states?

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#USAElections2020: Trump or Biden, who
#USAElections2020: Trump or Biden, who

04 Nov 2020: #USAElections2020: Trump or Biden, who's winning key battleground states?

The United States Presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden remains as nail-biting as it did when the counting of votes had first started.

The tight race now hinges on who between the two candidates takes the key battleground states, where the number of electoral college votes is high.

Let's take a look at the polls in these key states.

Battleground states: Which states are key this election?

Battleground states or "swing states" are states that have historically swung between voting for different parties as the parties have similar levels of support among voters.

They also have a higher number of electoral college votes.

In 2020, these include Florida (29 electoral votes), Pennsylvania (20), Ohio (18), Michigan (16), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Arizona (11), and Wisconsin (10).

Trump: Trump wins Florida and Ohio

The Associated Press has called Florida for Trump. With 96% of the votes reported, Trump has won 51.3% of the votes, while his rival took 47.9%.

The news agency also projected Trump as the winner in Ohio. 94% of the votes in the state have been counted, out of which, Trump has won 53.4% of votes, while Biden bagged 45.2% of votes.

Trump-leaning: Trump leading in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia

Pennsylvania, where 64% of votes have been reported, Biden is trailing Trump with 43.1% of votes. Trump has won 55.7% of votes counted.

Michigan has reported 82% of votes, out of which, Trump and Biden have won 51.5% and 46.9% respectively.

In Georgia, 94% of the votes have been counted. Trump is leading with 50.5% of votes, while Biden has won 48.3%.

Fact: Trump also leading in North Carolina

North Carolina has reported 94% of votes and Trump is leading with 50.1% of the vote; Biden trails with 48.7%. Separately, in Iowa, which has six electoral votes, Trump has an eight-point lead over Biden with 99% of the votes counted.

Biden: Arizona goes to Biden; Democrat maintains slim lead in Wisconsin

AP News has called Arizona—where 84% of votes have been counted—for Biden. The Democrat has 51% of the vote, while Trump trails with 47.6%. Biden is projected to be the first Democratic candidate to win the state since 1996 after former President Bill Clinton.

Biden is also leading in Wisconsin by a slim 0.3-point margin. 95% of votes have been counted in the state.

Fact: New Hampshire called for Biden

AP News has also called New Hampshire for Biden. The state, where the former Vice President has an eight-point lead, has four electoral votes. He is also projected to win Nevada, reporting 67% of votes. Biden has a two-point lead over Trump in the state.

Election: When will the results be declared?

This year, many voters had cast ballots through early in-person voting and mail-in ballots in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hence, the counting of votes is not expected to be completed for days.

Alleging fraud, Trump has also pledged to fight the results of the election at the Supreme Court, which means that the results could even take weeks.

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