US working with health professionals of SAARC members to fight COVID-19: Alice Wells

Washington DC [USA], Mar 27 (ANI): Senior US Diplomat Alice Wells on Thursday said that United States is working with public health professionals of all SAARC members to fight COVID-19 in the subcontinent, amid the coronavirus pandemic which has infected over half a million people globally.

"For decades our partnership in the Indo Pacific has strengthened emergency preparedness, response and public health infrastructure. Proud the US is working with science, medicine and public health professionals of all SAARC members to fight COVID19," Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) Wells wrote on Twitter.

"SAARC's USD 18.8 million emergency fund to counter COVID19 is an excellent example of South Asian countries coming together to fight a global pandemic. Looking forward to seeing more regional cooperation and collaboration on this shared challenge," she added.

She further lauded the spirits of doctors in India tackling coronavirus situation in the county.

"Wonderful to see resilience and unwavering spirits in the midst of the COVID19 crisis. Inspired by these singing doctors in India, we send our respect and gratitude to healthcare workers around the world for their vital work during this time," she said.

On Thursday, Wells had echoed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to keep fighting spirits high against the coronavirus pandemic, saying that United States will work alongside India to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

"We stand united with India and echo Narendra Modi's call to keep up our fighting spirits. The US will work shoulder to shoulder with India to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Together, we can safeguard our citizens and people everywhere," Wells said. (ANI)