US, UK, Canada call on China to end 'repressive practices' against Uyghurs Muslims in Xinjiang

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Representative image (Photo Credit: Reuters)
Representative image (Photo Credit: Reuters)

Washington DC [US], March 23 (ANI): The United States, the UK and Canada on Monday slammed China for human rights violations and abuses against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

"We, the Foreign Ministers of Canada and the United Kingdom, and the United States Secretary of State, are united in our deep and ongoing concern regarding China's human rights violations and abuses in Xinjiang," stated a joint statement released by the US State Department.

The ministers took coordinated action on measures, in parallel to measures by the European Union, in a bid to send a clear message about the human rights violations and abuses in Xinjiang.

They asserted that they are "united in calling for China to end its repressive practices against Uyghur Muslims and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang, and to release those arbitrarily detained".

"The evidence, including from the Chinese Government's own documents, satellite imagery, and eyewitness testimony is overwhelming. China's extensive program of repression includes severe restrictions on religious freedoms, the use of forced labour, mass detention in internment camps, forced sterilisations, and the concerted destruction of Uyghur heritage," the statement added.

The ministers also underlined the importance of transparency and accountability and call on China to grant the international community, including independent investigators from the United Nations, journalists, and foreign diplomats, unhindered access to Xinjiang.

"We will continue to stand together to shine a spotlight on China's human rights violations. We stand united and call for justice for those suffering in Xinjiang," the joint statement said. (ANI)