After US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, terrorist outfits could regroup, pose problems for Pak: US general

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Pentagon (File Photo)
Pentagon (File Photo)

Washington [US], April 26 (ANI): The regrouping of terrorist groups would be a major problem for Pakistan after the US pulls out its troops from Afghanistan, said a top US general.

General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., Commander US Central Command (Centcom), gave this warning at a recent Pentagon briefing. He said withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan could lead to the regrouping of Al Qaeda and IS militants.

"That's very concerning to all the neighboring states, biggest concern to Pakistan," Gen McKenzie said at the briefing, reported Dawn.

Gen McKenzie also said that his command and American diplomats were working with nations surrounding Afghanistan on agreements to base troops and aircraft for countering terrorists after the US pullout, according to a transcript released by Pentagon.

Gen McKenzie said, "he was now figuring out how the US will be able to conduct counter-terrorism activities in the area without being in Afghanistan."

The Centcom chief also said that militants regrouping was a threat not just to the US or Pakistan.

"It's a concern of all the Central Asian states to the north. It is even of concern to Iran in the West, I believe. Everyone has a vested interest in a stable Afghanistan," he added. (ANI)