US Teen Impresses Vice President-elect Kamal Harris Magnificent Monochrome Portrait

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United States’ first woman vice-president-elect Kamala Harris has certainly inspired many girls and kids from the marginalized community of the country.

To celebrate her victory and express his gratitude towards Harris, 14-year-old Tyler Gordon from San Francisco's Bay Area created a magnificent portrait of her. Last week Tyler posted a video of him creating a monochrome portrait of Harris and tagged her, President-elect Joe Biden, and VP's husband Douglas Emhoff. In the caption, Tyler requested his followers to retweet the video and tag her so that Harris could see this work.

The video has received over 1.2 million views and 63.2k likes till now.

The artwork was loved by netizens as well as the Vice President-elect Harris herself.

In the following tweet, Tyler shared an article from NBC news and mentions how VP Harris called him to express her gratitude and adoration for his art.

NBC Bay Area reported how the 56-year-old politician called Gordon last week to thank him for the portrait. Harris said that she is overwhelmed with just the magnificence of Tyler's artistry. Speaking on the phone call Harris told the teenage artist that he really has a gift, "my goodness, such a gift. I was so touched to see it", said Harris.

Tyler couldn't stop smiling during the call and was astonished to hear back from the Vice President-elect of the United States herself.

"That was a shock," he said after the phone call ended.

Speaking to NBC, Tyler said that he chose to create a portrait of Harris because she inspires him to overcome some of his obstacles.

Tyler said that he relates to Harris as she broke through myriad barriers and he too broke through tons of barriers himself with his stutter, him being in a wheelchair for two years and him being deaf since he was six. Tyler says that Harris represents that struggle of breaking through stereotypes and societal barriers which he understands perfectly well.