US Senator Orrin Hatch Removes ‘Invisible Glasses’ in Viral Video, Twitterati Couldn’t Stop Laughing Out Loud

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US Senator Orrin Hatch Removes ‘Invisible Glasses’ in Viral Video, Twitterati Couldn’t Stop Laughing Out Loud

US Senator Orrin Hatch gave a new reason for the Twitterati to laugh out loud.

The internet is a horde of amazing things and you never know which interesting, hilarious or funny thing you might come across. On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, the internet found a hilarious incident which made people on twitter laugh out loud. In a video that has gone viral on social media, US Senator Orrin Hatch is seen ‘removing his glasses’ while he was speaking during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. You might think what the big thing about removing one’s glasses is but the fact is that the US Senator Orrin Hatch was not wearing any spectacles and he seemed to remove an invisible pair of glasses. People on Twitter went berserk and couldn’t stop talking about the video.

The octogenarian US Senator Orrin Hatch was totally oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t wearing any glasses and continued with his narration without realizing his mistake or even taking a pause. However, the constant vigilance that the Twitterati keeps on such funny things they lost their calm and couldn’t stop laughing at the sheer absent-mindedness of the Senator. Most people who wear spectacles would identify with the fact that adjusting, removing and wearing glasses becomes a daily habit which one can do even without giving it any thought. Probably the Senator was also automatically removing his ‘invisible glasses’ and was in auto-pilot mode. Amul Topical Celebrates the Bonding of PM Narendra Modi With Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu With Shalom Namaste Ad

Watch the hilarious video here:

Sample the tweets from Twitterati

Switching from glasses to contacts

Literally took them off

Am I High?

Some people identified with the video

Separating the glasses wearers from the non glasses wearers

Intensely relatable

Thug Life

What a joke


An alternate reality

The mashup that you never knew you needed


Fake News

Senator Orrin Hatch’s office also replied and tackled the situation with flamboyance

The Senator’s video has seriously given a reason to the Twitterati to laugh out loud. This is probably the best video on the internet today and is not a meme but actually a mime.