US Records Another Highest Single-Day COVID-19 Spike, 196,100 New Cases Detected

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Washington, November 21: The United States, which remains the worst-affected by COVID-19 pandemic both in terms of overall case count and number of fatalities, recorded yet another highest single-day surge. The country on Saturday reported the detection of 196,100 new infections in the preceding 24 hours. Pfizer Seeks Emergency Approval For COVID-19 Vaccine From US Regulators As Doses Could Be Available by Next Month.

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The alarming number of new cases are the highest to be detected in a single day in any part of the world. The corresponding period also witnessed the death of 1,904 coronavirus patients in America. The soaring case count and fatalities comes at a time when US President-elect Joe Biden has called for a timely transition of power to effectively handle the pandemic.

The unprecedented COVID-19 surge in the US is also being recorded at a time when a vaccine is considered to be round the corner. Two major developers, both of whom are centred in the United States - Pfizer and Moderna - have reported nearly 95 percent success in their final phase of trials. An emergency use approval is expected by next month.

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Several American provinces are considering to re-enter into a strict lockdown in bid to reduce the fatalities. The country's overall death count has crossed 253,000. The total tally of infections has breached 12,340,000-mark.

The per-day death count has risen by nearly 77 percent as compared to last month. An average of 1,419 fatalities was recorded each day this week, as compared to an average 801 deaths per day four weeks ago.