US reaches technical-level agreement with Pak on NATO supply routes resumption

Islamabad, July 3 (ANI): A technical-level agreement with the US regarding resumption of NATO supply routes to Afghanistan is ready to be signed, Pak government sources have revealed.

Sources in the Foreign Ministry, however, said the agreement would be finally accepted only after political leaderships agrees to open up the supply routes.

"Talks on various technical details of the matter had concluded, the sources said," the Daily Times quoted a source, as saying.

"Once the political leaderships agrees to go ahead and open up the Ground Lines of Communication (GLOC), the agreement would be finally accepted," the source added.

The sources also said that it would take some days to completely restore NATO supplies, which were suspended after the Salala incident.

Improvement of the damaged infrastructure and roads in Pakistan, charges on trucks carrying NATO supplies, border coordination and other issues were discussed in detail in the technical-level talks between the teams of the two countries, the sources added. (ANI)