US Polls 2020: Serbian Diaspora in US Voted For Trump, says Serbian Radical Party

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US President Donald Trump (File Pic)
US President Donald Trump (File Pic)

Belgrade [Serbia], November 4 (ANI/Sputnik): The Serbian diaspora in the United States actively supported the re-election of incumbent President Donald Trump in the hope that his victory will benefit the US' relations with Serbia, Russia and China, Vojislav Seselj, the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, told Sputnik.

Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, both have said that they were winning the election despite several key states still counting votes.

"If Trump wins, it is thanks to the states with a large Serbian diaspora ... These are the same states where Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won the last [2016] election, but after our [Serbian diaspora's] support for Trump, including our party, the balance of power changed. These are Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania," Seselj said.

According to the RDS head, Serbs, both in Serbia and in the US, are rooting for Trump because Biden is "a great enemy of the Serbian people" due to his stance on the Kosovo issue, among other reasons.

"I think that in case of victory, Trump will follow the path of easing relations with Russia and China. For ideological reasons, he was forced to worsen relations [with Moscow], because from the very beginning he was accused of getting help from Russia in the [2016] election. Now he will not have such issues, since he will not face a new election, and he will be able to pursue a less tense foreign policy," Seselj said.

The Serbian politician added that he expects Trump to further escalate tensions with the EU member states as the incumbent US president considers Europe to be his main economic challenge. (ANI/Sputnik)