US politician proposes bill for park in the moon

Wellington, July 12 (ANI): A US politician has asked law-makers to support a national historical park on the moon that would make Neil Armstrong's first footprints a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Eddie Bernice Johnson's proposed legislation will protect artifacts left on the lunar surface from Apollo missions 11 through 17, reported.

Though no ground on the lunar surface will be included, the bill requires the nomination of Armstrong's first footprints for a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which offers protection to threatened sites.

Johnson said in a written statement that in light of other countries and private entities developing the ability to go to the Moon, the US must be proactive in protecting artifacts left by the seven Apollo lunar landings.

The bill introduced in the US House of Representatives on Monday has been sponsored by Johnson, the ranking Democrat of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, and fellow committee member Donna Edwards.

A Democrats' spokeswoman on the committee said that those who take or damage artifacts on the moon are going to be subject to punishment under the same laws as those who take or destroy property in national parks. (ANI)