US orders embassy staff to leave Kabul as it begins troop pullout

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Washington DC [US], April 28 (ANI): Barely two weeks after the Biden administration announced the departure of the US troops from Afghanistan till September 11, the United States has now asked the non-essential embassy staff to leave Kabul, citing increased threats.

"On April 27, 2021, the Department ordered the departure from US Embassy Kabul of US government employees whose functions can be performed elsewhere," the US advisory said.

The advisory further said that the US Embassy's ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in Afghanistan is severely limited, particularly outside of Kabul.

"Evacuation options from Afghanistan are extremely limited due to the lack of infrastructure, geographic constraints, and the volatile security situation."

The US government has also advised all Americans wishing to leave Afghanistan to leave as soon as possible. US and NATO ground forces are expected to be out of Afghanistan by September 11.

Meanwhile, US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad on Tuesday told the US lawmakers, "If the Taliban were to come back to power, the reality for Afghanistan's women and girls, I think, would be devastating."

Biden administration has said it intends to focus on the Indo-Pacific region amid increased Chinese activity that threatens United States' interests in the region. (ANI)