US Man Trying to Lose Weight Gives Up All Other Food, Restricts Diet to Only Beer

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Go to any dietician or weight-loss specialist and of the first things they’ll you cut out from your diet would be sugar and alcohol. It is universally accepted that these two are bad for our health and aid in weight gain. You would add healthy foods like veggies and lean meat for nutrition.

However, one genius man in Ohio, who was tired of his food-addiction, decided to completely remove any and all food from his diet! But the human body needs sustenance. He found his way to survival in a bottle of beer.

Yes, you read that right. Del Hall, a former army veteran and resident of Cincinnati, has completely given up on food and is only consuming beer for survival. He was inspired to take this unusual diet by 18th-century Bavarian monks who had a similar fasting ritual. This is his second time attempting this diet. The first attempt was in 2019 when he managed to lose around 44 pounds (19.5 kgs).

For Del, this diet is about “breaking an addiction to food — and about trying to challenge” him, as shared on his Youtube channel last year. This year, he is hoping to lose 18 kilos. He is also using the influencer reach he has to raise some money for global charities. He has already raised around $10,000 (INR 7.3 lakh), but his next goal is to raise $50,000 (INR 36.5 lakh).

He told the Cincinnati Inquirer that he feels amazing now but the first two days were very difficult. He’d want to rush to Taco Bell and consume lots of junk. But he’s quite happy now.

Del, who was never a breakfast person anyway, doesn’t drink in the morning. His morning diet consists of water and black coffee (no dairy or sugar ever). When he starts to get hungry around noon, he’ll have a pint or two. Though he works at Fifty West Brewing Company in his city, he consumes his alcohol mostly at home. For dinner, he’ll have maybe two or three bottles each night.

You can follow his journey on his Instagram page where is more active.

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