US man set up ad for pet duck who lost mate to cat

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The ad was set up in an attempt to find a companion for Yellow Duck as she stopped interacting with her chicken friends. (Twitter/ Tony Bonetti)

A 31-year-old man tried to help his lonely duck who has lost her mate by putting up an advertisement. Chris Morris drew up a singles' ad for the duck named Yellow Duck, whose mate was reportedly killed by a cat a couple of weeks ago.

The ad, that was was put up on a community bulletin board said, "Duck seeking duck. Lonesome runner duck seeks companion. Partner recently deceased.” The ad has an email address that people can contact, and a disclaimer that stated "serious replies only"

Yellow Duck reportedly stopped interacting with her chicken friends like earlier after her mate was killed.

According to Fox News, the ad seems to have worked, as another duck owner named Sadie Greene responded to it. Greene and Morris have arranged for a meeting where their respective single ducks will meet. Moriss told Fox News that Yellow Duck's favourite food - slugs - might be on the menu for their "date".