US man sells space on bald heads for advertisements


New York, Nov. 28 (ANI): An entrepreneur from Texas has started a weird business by offering space on his or his co-workers bald heads for advertisements 27-year-old Brandon Chicotsky said that he's been flooded with inquiries since he launched Bald Logo last month. For 320-dollars-a-day, businesses are paying him to hit the streets with their logo or brand name temporarily tattooed on his or a co-worker's head. "It's a thrill because it truly garners attention," the New York Daily News quoted him as saying. "For the first time in my life, I was called out in a restaurant: 'Hey, you're that bald guy I saw on YouTube!'" he said. Chicotsky is one of three "bald angelicals," men who wear the ads. When they are working, they're accompanied by two female actresses carrying signs or waving flags to promote the business, and a third actor in a full-body spandex suit. "They'll flank the baldie to get as much attention as possible," Chicotsky said. Sometimes camera crews will follow, just to create a scene. "When there are cameras, people tend to inquire, 'What is this about, what's on your head?'" Chicotsky said. Part of Bald Logo's profits benefit kids with alopecia areata, a disease that causes hair loss. (ANI)