US Man Gets Rs 22 Crore Bill For Covid-19 Hospital Treatment

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A person in the US uploaded a video on social media platform TikTok to share the details of the expenses that he incurred for a four-month treatment of coronavirus. In the video, the man showed a rate list that had a gross total of an astonishing $3 million (roughly Rs 22 crore). The video quickly became viral among the netizens who were shocked by the amount of money that the hospital charged him.

The video was posted by an account with the name @letstalkaboutbusiness on Tiktok. It showed the rate list of each service that the hospital provided the patient. In the clip, prices of staying in the CU, medical scans, and other services can be seen.

The video was posted just a few days ago and already has close to 9.5 million views. After watching the video, many people commented that it's the basic rate of the hospital that will come down if the person has health insurance. The real problem is, apparently, the person does not have any health insurance.

The person who posted the video wrote, "I’ll update everyone on the cost after insurance in my next post.Honestly, this should be an advertisement for insurance."

The US is infamous for its medical expenses. It is one of the most expensive countries when it comes to medical treatment. Although the argument can be made that the facilities are top-notch and one of the best in the world, it’s not something people from the middle class can afford.

One TikTok user described this feeling in the best possible way. “The rest of the modern world laughs at the US healthcare scam,” the person wrote.

There was one person who said "The USA is not a country. It's a business."

Most people were outraged by the amount and blamed the American healthcare system. One user said that it just can't be real. Another TikTok user wrote, “I’m now happy that 34 percent of my salary goes to taxes.”

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