US Man Converts Old School Bus into Spectacular Bachelor Pad After Losing Job and Fiancé in Pandemic

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The pandemic has been horrendous in many ways. For some people, it has led to huge losses in business while some have ended up losing their jobs due to it. However, it seems like the coronavirus was a tad too harsh on a man based out of Massachusetts in the United States.The guy not only lost his job but also lost his fiancé during these troubled times. But as they say, when you have lost everything, you have nothing to lose and from there begins your rise again. Something similar happened to Craig Gordnier, who lost his normal 9 to 5 job.

According to a report published in The Mirror, Craig used this time to work on a school bus which he ended up transforming into a bachelors' pad. The 27 year old man invested six months of his time and effort in doing so. He had purchased the bus worth £17,000 in May last year and spent around £17,300 in its complete transformation that ended in November. This entire project was started after the double blow that he got during the pandemic.

From the photos that have been accessed by the news portal, it can be seen how well designed is the now bachelors' pad. Moreover, it also has intriguing elements like a queen size sofa, an artificial fire place and a fancy espresso machine, among other things. Another interesting aspect of the transformed bus is that everything installed in it runs on solar power and the panels have been put on the roof of the bus. Further, in terms of design, Craig began by dividing the entire space in three parts, which included the sleeping area, living room and the kitchen.

Describing his journey, the man revealed that this idea struck him when he was staying with his parents and was preparing his resume for applying to new job opportunities. Craig revealed that he was not fond of the job that he was doing and was not happy with the fact that he was planning to take up one in which he wouldn’t perhaps be paid well.

Mind blown by this bachelors' pad, social media too is talking about Craig’s possession.