US mag raises eyebrows with 'Queen is dying' story

London, Nov. 6 (ANI): An American tabloid has published a shocking front cover story, saying that the Queen Elizabeth is dying and the Duchess of Cornwall has an "evil plot' to seize the throne."

Globe magazine has alleged that the 86-year-old British monarch is "sick and fading fast."

The weekly magazine's cover shows a close-up photo of the Queen with the headline 'World Exclusive - Queen dying!'

According to the magazine, the Queen's health problem has triggered a bitter battle for the crown by Prince Charles' wife, the Daily Mail reported.

Apparently, the Duchess of Cornwall is frequently targeted by the magazine for negative coverage.

The publication has claimed that Queen's daughter-in-law is trying to sabotage Prince William and Kate Middleton from stepping up to the throne.

"The Queen's condition is fading and ruthless Camilla has been plotting," a source told the publication. (ANI)