US likely to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by year end

Washington, May 11(ANI): The United States may withdraw 10,000 soldiers from Afghanistan by the end of the year and ask its Special Forces to only train Afghan commandos.

According to The Wall Street Journal, US military officers in Afghanistan are working out preliminary proposals to withdraw as many as 5,000 troops from the country in July and as many as 5,000 more by the year's end.

There would still be 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. forces on the ground by the end of 2014, when the Afghans are supposed to be "in the lead" in the fight.

However, a US defense official said the outline is not coming from the office of General David Petraeus, Commander of the NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, and "nothing has been forwarded from Petraeus up the chain".

The official also claims that General Petraeus is being tight-lipped about any possible withdrawal plan.

"He's not sharing anything with anyone," the official said. (ANI)