US-Iran tensions LIVE UPDATES: Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapon, says President Trump

The ‘Whimpering’ terrorist only Trump seems to have heard

US President Donald Trump will address the media shortly on the US-Iran tensions. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

US-Iran tensions Live News Updates: In his first statement after the Iranian airstrikes against the US-Iraqi military bases, President Donald Trump Wednesday said, "Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapons." Sharing details of the missile attack on Iraq, Trump said no Americans or Iraqis were harmed. "We suffered no casualties. All our soldiers are safe, only minimal damages were sustained at our military bases," he said while addressing the media.

Earlier in the day, General Qassem Soleimani was laid to rest. Soleimani's burial on Tuesday was delayed after a stampede that killed at least 56 people.

At least six rockets hit the Al-Asad airbase in western Iraq at 1.20 am local time (2.50 IST) — the exact time Soleimani was killed in a US airstrike at the Baghdad airport last Friday. Taji base, an Iraqi military base where US troops are deployed, was hit in the second round of attacks two hours later. The Iranian state television advised the United States to withdraw its troops from the region to prevent more deaths.

Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif later said the country does not seek escalation or a war, but would retaliate against any aggression. Hours after the attack, US President Donald Trump tweeted "all is well", and "so far, so good". He is expected to make a statement later today. The Indian government, meanwhile, issued a travel advisory and asked Indian nationals to avoid all non-essential travel to Iraq until further notification.