US hopes Pak officers will return to Afghan border liaison centers soon

Washington, Dec 7 (ANI): Captain John F Kirby, the Acting US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, has expressed hoped that Pakistan's officers would return to border coordination centers soon.

"We are aware that Pakistan has decided to remove some of their liaison officers from some of the border coordination centers. This is certainly Pakistan's right. We hope those liaison officers can resume their duties soon in as much as their presence is designed to help us reduce the risk of another such incident occurring," The Express Tribune quoted Captain Kirby, as saying.

It was reported yesterday that Pakistan was pulling troops out of at least two of the three centres meant to coordinate military activity across its border with Afghanistan, apparently in protest against the recent NATO attack.

The move will hamper US efforts to cooperate with Pakistani forces, increasing the risk that something could go wrong again, , US military officials had said.

The recent NATO attack has soured the relationship between both countries to such a degree that Islamabad refused to attend the Bonn Conference on the future of Afghanistan.

Reports suggest that the Pakistan Foreign Office had also summoned its envoys from several world capitals in protest against the NATO attacks.

Envoys posted in Europe, Afghanistan, India and the US, among others, have been asked to give their recommendations for a strategy to counter possible NATO attacks in the future. (ANI)