US eye doctor serves beer and cocktails to patients before examining

New York, Feb. 11 (ANI): An eye doctor from Brooklyn, is offering drinks to customers to help them unwind before his tests.

Dr. Justin Bazan told the New York Post that after 5 pm, it's happy hour and told the patients not to worry as no one in his team will be drinking, the New York Post reported.

He said that his team is friendly, helpful and like to have fun and have beer/wine tastings all the time.

Bazan, 34, opened Park Slope Eye on Union Street in 2008 and said that he has been serving two types of glasses ever since.

In the hospital, his patients are offered tea, snacks and craft brews on arrival.

Most of them finish their libations in the lobby, but Bazan allows unfinished ales in the exam room, too.

Bazan, a 2004 State University of New York College of Optometry graduate, said that till now there hasn't been a backlash, and that one drink won't affect examinations.

A spokeswoman for the state Office of the Professions said that there is no rules that would bar an optometrist from serving a patient a drink. (ANI)