US Elections 2020: Republicans sharply cut Democrats' chances of taking back Senate

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US Senate
US Senate

Washington [US], November 6 (ANI): While the US awaits the final results of the votes cast on November 3, in the Senate the Democrats have won 47 seats with one pickup in Colorado, while Republicans have secured 47 seats with one pick up in Alabama.

According to CNN's report, Republicans have sharply cut Democrats' chances of taking back the Senate, winning a series of contests across the country on the coattails of President Trump. There are four undecided races at present.

Both sides need to secure 51 seats to control the Senate or 50 if their presidential candidate wins, since the vice president may cast a deciding vote, CNN said.

As per the latest update, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads Trump in several states including Arizona and Nevada.

According to CNN, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has managed to hold a 40-point lead over President Donald Trump, as of 4 pm ET on Thursday. (ANI)