US Elections 2019 Results: Setback For Republicans as Democrats Take Control of Virginia Legislature, Win Governorship in Kentucky

Team Latestly

Washington, November 6: The results of gubernatorial elections in the US states Kentucky and Mississippi, and Senate elections in Virginia will be declared today. Counting of votes is under in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia, and final results will be out soon. Stay here for live updates on the US elections 2019 results. In Kentucky Governor election, the contest was between Democrat Andy Beshear and GOP Governor Matt Bevin. Donald Trump Faces Impeachment: How Are US Presidents Impeached? List of Leaders Who Faced Impeachment Inquiries.

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Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood and Republican Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves are in a tight gubernatorial contest in Mississippi. In Virginia, elections were held for 140 legislative seats. Republicans hold small majorities in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate. Democrats aim to take control of both the chamber and the state Senate, which would give the party unified control of the state government headed into 2020. Donald Trump Rallies Republicans as Impeachment Probe Goes Public.

Republicans controlled the Virginia Senate with 20 seats to Democrats' 19. They also held a narrow majority in the House of Delegates 51-48. The results hold significance as it could shed light on how the US is leaning in the middle of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and months before the presidential elections 2020.

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