'The future of America, Canada and the rest of the world is at stake': Canadians respond to close race in U.S. election

Elisabetta Bianchini
·3-min read

As the U.S. election slowly unfolds, people on social media continue to breakdown and understand the likely outcome in the battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Canadians in particular have come out to share their thoughts as the election results are rolled out, eagerly anticipating a result that will impact the close relationship between the two countries.

Many are indicating that they are still concerned about how close the presidential race is at this point.

Some Canadians have also been sharing their thought on John King specifically, CNN’s chief national correspondent who is has been breaking down the incoming votes all night.

And as was expected, Canadians are also responding to Americans who have been saying they will try to move to Canada if Trump wins a second term as U.S. President.