US Election | ‘God help America if Trump…’: Kamala Harris’ uncle roots for Biden

Gopalan Balachandran, uncle of Democrats Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris expects former vice president Biden to win the election, adding that the state of Florida holds significance in this election because if incumbent Donald Trump loses it he will lose the election. "I expect Biden to get through. Florida's important because if Trump loses it he'll have to say goodbye. But it won't matter to Biden as he can win from other states," G Balachandran said. Reacting on the remarks of Biden who said if he gets elected he would not differentiate between the Democrat and Republican states, Balachandran said: "The US is in very critical position today. What Joe Biden says, look we are not a separate place. But we can fight politically we will go to work together. That was not the case with Trump. God help America if Trumps's win four years more." Watch the video for more details.