US Eatery Trolled for Sign That Says 'Face Diapers' Not Needed Even as New Covid-19 Variants Emerge

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone across the world and is continuing to do so. Various medical authorities and international bodies like the World Health Organisation have time and again mentioned that people across the globe should continue wearing the mask when they step out and ensure that they are constantly sanitizing or washing their hands. However, a shack in America seems to have contradictory views. It is of the opinion that ‘face diapers’ are not needed anymore. They have put a notice on their entry, where they have put a ‘no symbol’ on the picture of the face mask. The text on it reads, “FACE DIAPERS NOT REQUIRED! EVERYONE WELCOME."

BeckyJack’s Food Shack has shared the photo of their entry door on Facebook. The post, as expected, did not go down very well with a lot of people. Majority of the reactions on the photo are ‘angry’. However, in the comments sections, users have shared mixed views about this move by the shack. A person who was in favour of the move said that he appreciated the fact that they are ‘not trying to police health suggestions’. He wrote, “I absolutely appreciate & respect a business who does not try to police "health suggestions" and force customers to do something that makes no sense and may be against their own will. Thank you for not blindly following.”

Another person said, if someone has a problem with this, they can choose to stay away. He commented, “If y’all have a problem with this place not requiring masks, then you should simply stay away from it. Is it fear that drives you? Why attack the restaurant? Just don’t patronize it if you’re afraid. The owners’ freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins. I fully support this.”

People who were against this drastic step, reacted with sarcastic comments while some said this notice is an open invitation for the novel coronavirus. One user, who was seeming passed with the notice, wrote, “Soooooo... you don't like to follow health and hygiene guidelines then? Yes please, ill have a side of salmonella with my covid air thank you.”

A different person who was unappreciative of the move added that they will never trust the food prepared there as the sanitary conditions are at stake. She said, “So, in other words, you care nothing for the health of your customers. How does one know whether your food is prepared under sanitary conditions? I wouldn't trust your food!”