US Couple Fakes Pregnancy, Gets Busted After Trying to Pass Off Doll As Baby Son and Raise Money via GoFundMe!

Team Latestly

A couple from Pennsylvania, US started a GoFundMe page, claiming that they lost their newborn son, hours after his birth. At least, $550 was raised in the online campaign for the baby’s funeral. However, the police, with the help of the couple’s closed acquaintance found that the child was never born. The US couple is alleged for faking a pregnancy and trying to pass off doll a doll as their son and raise money. After their false claims busted, the duo has been charged with theft and deception, and the further investigation continues. Florida Mother Accidentally Locks Baby in Hot Car, Cops Rescue 10-Month-Old by Breaking Window With Hammer. 

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The couple is identified as Kaycee Lang and Geoffrey Lang. A few months earlier, Kaycee in her Facebook account, posted her picture posing with the pregnant belly. A friend in Johnstown, Grandpa James arranged many things for a baby shower, but suspected, as Kaycee never showed any sign of pregnancy. On July 13, the couple claimed Easton Walt Lang; their son was born at Conemaugh Health System. However, the joy quickly turned into heartbreak as the couple announced little Easton died a few hours later, reportedly from fluid in his lungs and a low heart rate. New York Father Forgets His Twin Babies in Car's Backseat, Returns After 8 Hours to Find Them Dead. 

The couple’s friends came to their aid, to pay for a personalized urn and a cremation at a local funeral home. One of them even created a GoFundMe campaign that raised around $550 after the news of the baby’s death. But it is all fake. A few days later, friend, Cynthia Dilascio reported to the police in Johnstown that she suspected Kaycee and Geoffrey had lied about Easton’s existence, reported by WTAE. During a search at the couple’s home, the police could not find any record, but a doll that looks exactly the same that Kaycee uploaded on her Facebook.

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Kaycee and Geoffrey are now facing charges in two counties for scamming their friends and family and many people, who donated for the cremation. Reports also confirm that GoFundMe will refund all the money to people who donated the couple through their site.