US Couple Cancels Lavish Wedding Plans, Use Catering Deposit to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

Buzz Staff
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The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has upended plans of millions of people worldwide and a Chicago-based couple saw their wedding celebrations affected by it too. However, the newlyweds are now earning praises online from all quarters after the duo decided to donate their catering deposit of $5000 (Rs 3,69,675) to feed some 200 people on the occasion of Thanksgiving through a non-profit group.

Emily Bugg, 33, and Billy Lewis (34), who had originally planned it, realised it was not meant to happen and instead thought of a novel and charitable way to do it and so held their wedding at the City Hall instead of a colourful warehouse, a Chicago Sun-Times report said.

The couple who met via an online dating platform decided to get hitched rather than waiting for the pandemic to die down but when their elaborate wedding plans stared at uncertainty, the couple decided to make good out of it and partnered with a non-profit company called Thresholds, where Bugg works as an outreach worker. The company works with people suffering through mental health disorders and substance abuse and other psychiatric conditions.

Due to the pandemic, Thresholds also had not ben able to hold its customary Thanksgiving gathering and welcomed the move by the couple. The couple then went on to use their catering deposit to fund meals for over 200 people. The meal box included including turkey slices, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce, said the report.

Bugg was also involved in delivering many of the meals.

Thresholds CEO Mark Ishaug reportedly told the paper how Bugg and Lewis' charitable act helped them to feed more people this year than usual. Thanking the couple for their selfless act, Ishaug also praised them for doing something beautiful and inspiring for the community at large through her wedding celebrations.

The Instagram handle of the Chicago Thresholds also thanked Bugg and Lewis for their "incredible generosity".

The couple also believed that despite their wedding plans being scaled back, they were happy to do something wonderful for the community during difficult times.