A US company is hiring workers in India to watch live CCTV feed for ₹30,000 per month

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Here’s one of the newest easy work from home jobs. US companies are hiring people from India. All you need to do is watch live CCTV feeds and you can get paid up to Rs. 30,000 per month. Read along to find out more.

What are these work from home jobs all about?

Washington-based Live Eye Surveillance is hiring people to observe and report suspicious activities caught in CCTV surveillance. This is a new way to alert the stores. Additionally, they are warning perpetrators that they are watched inside the store. Live Eye Surveillance, a workplace security firm created this surveillance tool. During the pandemic, companies like Holiday Inn, 7-Eleven, Shell, and Dairy Queen have chosen this option.

The remote workers have to perform the task of virtual supervision. This will help stores keep track of petty crimes like shoplifting or consuming products in-store before billing. If the remote worker finds any suspicious activity, they will use the system to warn the cashier. The virtual supervisor will be in contact with the cashiers at all times and ask for clarifications to make sure there is no confusion. According to reports, a person from Karnal India earned close to $399 in a month.

Job description

As per the job description mentioned on the company’s website, “You will act as a virtual supervisor for the sites, in terms of assuring the safety of the employees located overseas and requesting them to complete assigned tasks.”


As per the qualifications required to apply for this position, the company said that the candidate “Must have 12th or above. Basic computer skills are required as 100% of our work is on computers. Good communication skills,” and should be a “self-learner.” If you fulfill all the conditions you can apply for this job here

Voices against the new surveillance system

However, not everyone is okay with this new system. As effective as the system is to ensure that small crimes do not occur, people think that it will end up doing more harm than good. Eva Blum-Dumontet, a senior researcher at Privacy International belives that this is a method companies use to target workers. Since this forces employees to live up to the company’s expectations of productivity, this can increase toxic work habits and deteriorate mental health.

Additionally, a past occurrence at a 7-Eleven further proves this theory. A consultant highlighted that voice announcements of a robber alerted them. Startling someone with a rifle or weapon can lead to unwanted panic and lead to injury for cashiers or other customers.

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